Squeaky Dog Studios, a Sparkistic LLC software company, develops unique wearable watch faces and apps. We also tinker with game development and hope to share more about that soon.

Looking for help?

If you’re looking for help with one of our watch face apps, you can contact us at support@sparkistic.com. Sometimes we get a lot of support requests, and we don’t yet have staff dedicated to respond to customers, so we appreicate your patience with us.


Also, as you may have noticed, we are in the process of re-branding as Squeaky Dog Studios. We decided to change the name of our company because very few could people correctly pronouce Spark+isitic and even fewer could remember how to spell it!

Our office dog, Harley, who is pictured in a lot of our product imagery, volunteered to be our mascot. And since he squeals at us a lot, we came up with the name Squeaky Dog Studios, and it stuck! The rest is history.

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