Squeaky Dog Studios Cribs: San Francisco

August 2, 2019 · One minute read

Workstation to Develop a Samsung Watchface

A playful look at “wear” the magic happens in our San Francisco office…

1. Gear S3

  • Running new PhotoWear Samsung code to see if it actually works
  • Trying to reproduce X from “Awesome! I’d give 5 stars but X doesn’t work”

2. Galaxy S8

  • Running PhotoWear mobile companion app to upload photos, etc

3. Macbook

  • Investigating issues reported to support@sparkistic.com
  • Writing brilliant code
  • Hunting bugs lurking in the brilliance
  • Searching Stack Overflow to remember how snprintf works

4. iPhone

  • Second screen for stuff like stopwatch
  • Experimenting with iOS app ideas
  • Phone calls from friends asking why I’m late for dinner and can I bring a bottle of that nice sparkling Chandon Pinot Noir Rosé?

5. Caffeine

  • Late night working on Samsung Gear C++ to catch it up to the latest Android Wear Java features

6. Game controller

  • Testing our new Squeaky Dog Studios VR immersion prototype
  • You wish! No seriously it’s for weekly team meetings within Destiny party chat

7. Cat

  • Because the squeaky dog is in the San Diego office
  • Portable heater, stress ball, final arbiter of UX disputes

8. California sun

  • Reason cat has abandoned post at position 7

Jeremy Chapman
Squeaky Dog Studios Developer