Adding a Vignette with PhotoWear

September 5, 2019 ยท One minute read

Watch Face Wisdom: Adding a Vignette with PhotoWear

In a recent update to PhotoWear we included the ability to add a vignette to your photos. In today’s post, we’ll go through the settings in the mobile app needed to set a vignette on your photo to give your watch face some added mood and enhanced readability.

Adding a Vignette: an example

What is a vignette anyway? According to Wikipedia, vignetting is a reduction of an image’s brightness or saturation at the periphery compared to the image center. For a comparison, take a look at the example above. It’s a little extreme, but we wanted to make the difference obvious.

Adding a Vignette: setting it up

To accomplish this, pick a photo, crop it as you normally would, then adjust the vignette slider to achieve the desired amount of vignetting.

Then tap next, then send, and then check your smartwatch!


And that’s about it: as you can see, adding a vignette to your photos is pretty straightforward! We hope you found this installment of watch face wisdom helpful, and we welcome your feedback.