Custom Colors with PhotoWear

August 6, 2019 ยท 2 minute read

Watch Face Wisdom: Custom colors with PhotoWear

In a recent update to PhotoWear we expanded the ability to set custom colors. In this Watch Face Wisdom update, we’ll go through the settings in the mobile app needed so set your very own custom colors on your watch face.

Custom colors: an example

What are custom colors anyway? Well, take a look at the example above. This is a picture of the company mascot Harley carrying a frisbee at dog beach. The sky is blueish color while Harley and the sunset is an orange color, so it seemed fitting to set the color of the seconds ticker (subtle ring that progresses around the outside of the watch face) to coordinate with Harley and the color of the other time elements to coordinate with the sky. Doesn’t it look nice (and custom)?

Custom colors: setting it up

To accomplish this, adjust the Font color and Seconds ticker color options, and be sure the setting for Show seconds ticker is set to On (Note that at the time of this writing, the Auto color option is still in-work, and might not be fully supported on your watch).

After tapping the custom color button, you’ll notice the new color chooser dialog, which has been enhanced to allow the current color to be viewed directly on the watch face while browsing different colors (assuming a compatible smartwatch is connected and has PhotoWear installed). Nonetheless, once you’ve settled on a color, tap the finish button to set your custom color, and check your watch to see it live! You’ll need to repeat this for both Font color and Seconds ticker color options.


And that’s about it: as you can see, setting custom watch face colors with PhotoWear is pretty simple! We hope you found this installment of watch face wisdom helpful, and we welcome your feedback.